Business Proposition
Non Disclosure Agreement
Web Design Services
Nonsense #1
Nonsense #2
The first three cities in the USA
Random thoughts
Margaret Thatcher
China and Taiwan
Political Parties
End of History
Iotti & Montanelli
Campaign 2000
Fun with Religions
Why Christmas on December 25th?
Spectator Sports
Bill Gates
Proprietary Stronghold
Computer Viruses
A Microsoft Remedy
Open letter to Amazon's Jeff Bezos
Is Google evil? You decide.
Google and the Holy Grail
Google and bandwidth
Self promotion!
The travails of a would-be webmaster
Enabling Java Applets in web browsers
Apple and me
A new pyramid in Giza?
A Resort in the Sahara Desert?
A computer programmer's view of the Cosmos
A take on Big Bang and Cosmos formation
Stellar limbo and Hans Bethe's fusion
Cosmological principle and Planet formation
Ideas for the Cruise Industry
The problem with renewables
A sure fire neutrino detector
Longevity and stature
There are two great evils in this world
Fun with Religion - Part II
A take on Faith
Teaching The Hebrew Bible
American Exceptionalism in action
Demands for Reparations for Slavery
Announcing (yet) another blog
Tallowood's Vacation Bible School 2014
Windows 8 and me
JFileDebe - A multifunction Java program
JGraphicsAllTypes - A Java program example
JGetPixelColor - Show underlying pixel color
Superbugs on the rise. Are we doomed?
Big Pharma (GSK) and me
Google and Search Engine Bias
Supercharging the dolphins' brain
The dog Argos? What about Faithful the cat!
JGradientPaint - Java Gradient Paint API usage
Coca-Cola and me
Calendar month names, so meaningless
Adobe and me
JTextFieldPromptDemo - Prompting string
All sports should be amateur sports
The Sham of the US Constitution
Soccer, football, everywhere
Why not a national soccer academy?
Wired magazine and I
Roger Cohen, Israel, Palestine and Zionism
Intelligent design really?
Notes on Google
Anti-Semitism, My foot
Paraphrasing Mark Antony's Funeral Oration
A computational analysis of the KJV and ASV
Wired's Autocorrect article
Roger Cohen, again naturally
A Town Hall Meeting
Cohen's For Israel, a Time of Self-Scrutiny
Who gave Parallel Plesk permission to crash my server monthly?
A British Message to Israel
How well do you know the Bible?
Introducing Embrace Humanism
The Old Testament in 10 words or less.
My Blogger's Posts
A Movie Epiphany
Charlie Hebdo and unheeded lessons
The Old Testament, a rotten carcass
Amerinds and History
Building Better Secularists
Jefferson Bible - Smithsonian Edition
A Strained Alliance: Obama-Netanyahu
Roger Cohen's Israel Needs a Grown-Up
Time's Fifty Shades of Grey
Breaking news: The Gospels reveal the true religion!
Flying Spaghetti Monster religious wars?
Pascal's wager? Laplace's repartee.
Time's 100 Most Influential People - 2015
A recent Gallup poll
Roger Cohen's Islam and the West at War
Netanyahu Struggles to Form Israeli Government
Campus Debates on Israel Drive a Wedge Between Jews and Minorities
David Brooks' How to Fight Anti-Semitism
Mr. Trump's Appeal
Terrorism, Fanaticism and Religions
Mr. Trump and Anchor Spouses?

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